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About Let Me Out
Our staff have been working in corporate events and team building for 25 years and have a proud history of developing events for groups from 10 people to over 1000 people. We have three websites which offer different corporate packages to New Zealand businesses:

Let Me Out Ltd specialises in team building, activities and event packages - in Auckland and on Waiheke Island. We have over 25 activities for corporate groups which encourage team work, communication and fun. We partner with key venues across the region to provide great days out of the office for conferencing, business planning, presentations, celebrations and more.

The Ideas Space is our venue hire business offering a trusted advisory service for companies looking for venues for meetings, conferences, workshops and events.

Live An Active Life is our adventure activity site offering guided activities tailored for small teams and groups.

These three sites together make up the whole of Let Me Out where we are commited to excellence in our work every day, always striving to provide the perfect packages for you.

Our values are reflected in everything that we do:

Be Active
Be Amazing
Be There
Have Fun

Del Simonne and Vanessa