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Archery at Passage Rock vineyard, Waiheke Island
archery at passage rock

Casual archery sessions (pre-booked or walk up) are available throughout the summer months at Passage Rock vineyard on Waiheke Island. Let Me Out has partnered with Experience Waiheke to offer this ancient activity for visitors, holiday makers, hen groups, stag groups and other groups. A fun activity for people of all ages under the supervision of our professional facilitators. Challenge your family and friends to hit the bullseye in this beautiful vineyard setting while dining at the restaurant or tasting wine at the cellar door.

What Does It Cost?
Each 30 minute session is NZ$30.00 per person.
Payment can be made in cash on the day, or added to your table bill at Passage Rock if you are dining there.

Payment is required before the start of your 30 minute session.

For group bookings of 11 or more people please contact us for a price and an available slot.

Click here
for our full terms and conditions for archery bookings.
How To Book
If you would like to pre-book an archery session please fill in the booking form below. We will confirm your preferred date and time within 24 hours of enquiry. Or offer an alternative slot if already booked out.

Are you within 24 hours of your preferred date and time slot? We recommend talking to the instructor at Passage Rock when you arrive to book in a slot for the same afternoon.

From mid January onwards our new electronic booking system will allow you to book and pay online in advance. We appreciate your patience as we get this option ready!
Ferry tickets and Transfer Packages to Waiheke Island
If you are thinking of visiting Waiheke Island and Passage Rock for the day and would like us to recommend or book a ferry ticket and transfer package for you contact us. Ferry tickets can be booked for the Fullers foot passenger ferries departing from downtown Auckland with transfers via a taxi, van or hire car.

Ferry tickets can also be booked for the car and foot passenger services operated by SeaLink from Half Moon Bay or Wyneyard quarter.

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours to process a ferry ticket and transfer package. Click here to fill our online enquiry form.
Where To Find Passage Rock
Passage Rock vineyard is siutated at the Eastern end of Waiheke Island. Click here for a map.

There are no public buses to/from Passage Rock so we recommend bringing your own car or booking a return taxi from one of the following companies:

Easy Transport

Executive Taxis

Online booking request
To request a date and time slot for archery please complete the form below. We will confirm availability and details with you within 24 hours and offer an alternative slot if your preferred option is not available.

If you want to do an archery session within the next 24 hours please see the instructor at Passage Rock on arrival at the vineyard.

For group bookings please contact us for a quote and available dates.






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Terms and Conditions
The minimum age for taking part in our archery sessions is 12 years old. However, the facilitator in charge may at his/her discretion allow younger people to take part, based on strength and focus. Archery is an activity using weapons and as such safety is of paramount importance so please do not be disappointed if the facilitator declines a request for younger people to take part.

Please ensure that you arrive on time for your archery session. We recommend arriving at the archery area at least 5 minutes before your archery session is due to start.

We cannot guarantee your full 30 minute session if you arrive late.

In the event that you are late arriving we will endeavour to offer you an alternative slot during the same afternoon but this is strictly subject to availability.

No refunds will be provided if you are late for your archery session or cannot attend since we will have blocked out the slot for you and your group and will not be able to fill the slot with an alternative booking.

You may cancel the booking up to 48 hours hour before the booked time slot.

A refund will be provided in this instance but a $5 per person booked administration fee will be retained to cover costs incurred by us.

If you cancel the booking within 48 hours of the booked time slot then no refund will be provided.

If we need to cancel the booking due to adverse weather you will be entitled to a full refund or offered an alternative date and time slot.

Full payment is required in advance on the activity taking part. Payment can be made in cash to the facilitator on the day, added to your bill if you are dining at Passage Rock, by direct credit into our bank account before the day or by credit card online.

Credit card payments made online (via our Paypal account) will incur a credit card transaction fee of 4.5% to cover costs imposed on us by the credit card company.

By taking part in our archery sessions you agree to accept responsibility for your own health and safety and the safety of any minors (people under the age of 18 years old in your care). Our professional facilitators will provide full and thorough safety briefings prior to the activity starting and during the course of the session. You agree to listen to, act on all advice provided and behave responsibly during the activity session. No persons who are intoxicated will be allowed to use the archery equipment. No persons will be allowed to use the archery equipment without direct supervision from our facilitator. Our facilitator may stop the activity should your actions or the actions of any person in your group cause concern for your safety or the safety of others. No refund will be provided should the session be cancelled by our facilitator based on the safety requirements.

We reserve the right to make changes to the terms and conditions from time to time as necessary.