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Alexandra Park, Epsom, Auckland
Alexandra Park Tasman Banquet
Stables at Alexandra Park
Conference at Alexandra Park
Alexandra Park is a versatile large scale venue in Epsom with an inspiring infield used for horse racing, events and activities. The combination of function spaces for meetings and events and the outdoor spaces, including the stables when available, make this a great venue for teams of 10 to 250 and more.

The spaces can be used for conference days, product launches, presentations, meetings, special events and so much more. You will only be limited by your imagination.
Essential Info
Suits groups of between 10 and 250 plus.

Style: modern airy spaces with views over the green infield, strong connection to horse racing tradition and large scale entertainment.
Venue hire for meetings start from $350.00 + GST.
Package prices for venue hire, catering and activities start from $120.00 per person.

Prices vary according to group size and exact requirements. Please enquire with us for package pricing.
Situated on Greenlane East in Epsom.

Just a few minutes’ drive from State Highway 1.
These activities work well at Alexandra Park as part of your event package:

Pocket Shot
Human Hangman Quiz
Quizzi Do
Fling It Darling!
One Minute of Fame
Croquembouche Challenge
Nostalgia Games
The Croquet Class
The Ultimate Garden Games
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