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Birdcage, Victoria Park, Auckland
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The Birdcage is a heritage listed pub in Victoria Park, Auckland central and has undergone major change over the past few years. It first opened its doors as the Rob Roy Hotel in 1886 and has been serving customers ever since. In the early 2000's in was moved from its original site to make room for a motorway extension and tunnel and now sits directly across the road from Victoria Park on Franklin Road.

This Italian style bar has a great feel to it with wooden floors, open fireplace and chandeliers. It's a fun venue for groups of up to 80 people for lunch or dinner and up to 300 people cocktail style. The V shape design of the building means that smaller groups can have an area to themselves while other patrons dine in the other side. And its proximity to Victoria Park makes this an ideal venue for outdoor, park themed activities followed by a relaxed lunch of dinner.

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Essential Info
Suits groups of between 10 and 300 pax (up to 80 seated or 300 cocktail style).

Style: Character building, open areas (indoors and out), relaxed.
Set menus start from $50.00 per person.
Situated on Franklin Road overlooking Victoria Park
These activities work well as part of a group package:

Nostalgia Games
The Croquembouche Challenge
Blind Taste Challenge
Cocktail Challenge
Fling It Darling!
Lemon Challenge
Human Hangman Quiz
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Our activity and dining packages at the Birdcage and nearby Victoria Park have stood the test of time. The venue is full of character, the menus delicious and flexible to accommodate your needs and the staff always welcoming. Below are a number of popular options which keep everyone satisfied without blowing the budget. Whether you choose an outdoor activity at the park or an indoor activity at the Birdcage, your people will truly enjoy their time together, connecting in a fun and casual environment.
Fling It Darling! at Victoria Park
then Dine at the Birdcage
From $109.00 pp
Our most popular park activity, Fling It Darling! where teams are challenged to fling, throw and catch in a variety of mini challenge rounds. After a warm up and some preliminary rounds you'll take part in the show stopping Fling It Darling! challenge where teams must work together using their towel/blanket to fling the ball or water balloon across the net in an hilarious game of fling and catch.

At the end of competition time reconvene at Birdcage, one of Auckland's oldest taverns, situated directly across the road, for a 2 or 3 course wholesome meal. Akternatively you can order shared platters to keep things casual and relaxed.

SUITABILITY: Venue can hold up to 80 pax seated with easy access for all.
PRICING: $109.00 pp for activity and set meal package
LOCATION: Victoria Park is easily accessed from most city centre suburbs. Birdcage is across the road.
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Croqumebouche Challenge Team Building
Birdcage Challenge & Dinner
From $109.00 pp
The Croquembouche Challenge is a real Masterchef inspired cake building challenge is a classic! Lots of team work, attention to detail and creativity - a real pressure test for your teams. You need to build a towering dessert with the ingredients and equipment provided in 30 minutes whilst also making chef's hats. The tower that stands the best at the end will be the winner.

Combine it with a set meal or shared platters at the Birdcage. Menus are generous, delicious and flexible to accommodate your budget and your needs. This package includes a two course set meal but menus can be changed as required.

SUITABILITY: Venue can hold up to 80 pax seated with easy access for all.
PRICING: $109.00 pp for activity and set meal package
LOCATION: Victoria Park is easily accessed from most city centre suburbs. Birdcage is across the road.
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Wine Tasting Activity
Blind Taste Test at the Birdcage
From $90.00 pp
Celebrate mid winter in the warm and cosy Birdcage. The atmosphere relaxed and casual, the food is hearty and delicious. There are set meals starting from $35.00 per person or for something more casual you can order a range of platters served cocktail style whilst your guests mingle and catch up.

Activity: Challenge your teams to a Blind Taste Test - craft beers, wines and chocolate truffles to test their culinary capabilities! For small groups this is presented at your tables where a range of craft beers, wines and truffle chocolates, designed to be tasted together, are introduced to each team. For large groups the format is tasting stations around the space where small teams work together to taste and complete their trivia question card before final scores are counted and presentations and prizes for the winning team are made.

SUITABILITY: Works for groups of 10 – 70 people. Non alcoholic test available for non drinkers in the group.
PRICING: Set lunch or dinner and activity from $90.00 per person
LOCATION: Birdcage tavern is situated at Victoria Park and looks out over the park.