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Christmas Party Packages
It's not Christmas until the big fulla falls down the Chimney! So you still have plenty of time to get your team together, let your hair down and enjoy a few precious minutes away from your desk and your huge to do list!

Taking a break is good for your health. Taking some time out with your team is good for your team too.

Here are some Auckland and Waiheke Island package ideas for you but if you don't see what you want, give us a call and we'll create the perfect package for you.

Waiheke Island Christmas Packages

Auckland Christmas Packages

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Contact us for a quote including transport, venue hire, accommodation, catering, activities and event management. We are here to help!
Activities In The Park
Victoria Park & Birdcage Tavern
From $83.00 pp
Kubb (Viking Chess), The NZ Gumboot Challenge, Giant Kerplunk, Speed Croquet - it's all in the Ultimate Garden or Park Games package. A great way to unwind and enjoy in the summer sun.

Activity: The Ultimate Garden Games is a great range of activities for all kinds of people.

SUITABILITY: Suits people of all ages and abilities. Some physical throwing games at an easy level.
PRICING: Activity, 2 course lunch at the Birdcage, Victoria Park, facilitation and prizes from $83.00 per person
LOCATION: Ideally suited to Victoria Park with lunch/dinner at the Birdcage
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Fling It Darling Team Building Activity
Fling It Darling! & Picnic In The Park
From $99.00 pp
A veritable variety of things to fling, chuck and biff in a fun round robin of competitive games at the park. Dine in style under the shade a huge park tree with our delicious gourmet 3 course picnic hampers.

Activity: Fling It Darling! One of our most popular summer activities is the star attraction. Your teams need to communicate and coordinate to fling their ball over the net whilst holding onto the corners of their towel. Harder than you would think! and lots of fun.

SUITABILITY: Suits people of all ages and abilities. Some physical throwing games at an easy level.
PRICING: Activity, gourmet picnic hamper, facilitation and prizes $99.00 per person
LOCATION: Can be held at any public park or beach in Auckland City.
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QuizziDo Team Building
Quizzi Do at LaValla Estate
From $124.00 pp
Bring your team on day out to one of Auckland’s finest estates, LaValla, where the welcome is always warm and there are acres of grounds to play in

Activity: Quizzi Do is an interactive quiz, similar to the Amazing Race, which takes your teams on an adventure around the grounds of LaValla, with mini activity stations and trivia challenges to complete.

SUITABILITY: Easy activity with a little bit of walking required. Suits groups of 20 people or more.
PRICING: Activity, facilitation, prizes and shared lunch from $124.00 per person
LOCATION: Situated approximately 45 mins from Auckland CBD heading South on SH1
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Beach Activities Team Building
Any Auckland or Waiheke Beach
From $99.00 pp
Pick any cool beach in Auckland or on Waiheke Island and you've got the best location possible! We'll bring the games, gazebo, bean bags and beach blankets. Stay there for a picnic lunch (organised by you or us) or relocate to a nearby restaurant or vineyard for a set meal.

Activity: Beach Activities for everyone! Including Kiwi favourite beach cricket, SUP, petanque and more.

SUITABILITY: Suits people of all ages and abilities. Activities can be competitive or free flow
PRICING: Activity and picnic lunch from $99.00 per person
LOCATION:Activities are run at any beach in Auckland or Waiheke.
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The packages above are a range of our most popular off the shelf packages. However, we work with a range of high quality venues across Auckland and on Waiheke Island and can combine most of our activities with the venue of your choice.
Not sure what you want, simply contact us with a brief and we’ll come back to you with options and prices to consider.
Pocket Shot Activity
Pocket Shot lunch at Batch
From $165.00 pp
Bring your people for a spectacular day out at Batch winery. The lawn area, with views of the island and ocean, is perfect for activities and a great place to relax and catch up with colleagues after your meal

Activity: Pocket Shot is the star of this package where teams shoot arrows & paintballs at targets. It can be combined with rounds of archery too, all facilitated by our professional crew to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

PRICING: Activity, set meal, ferry tickets and transfers from $165.00 per person
LOCATION: Batch winery is approximately 15 minutes’ drive from the ferry terminal.
FERRIES: Ferries depart from downtown Auckland or Half Moon Bay from 6.00am to midnight
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Guided Walk Waiheke Island
Guided Hike, wine tasting and lunch
From $199.00 pp
Come on a walking adventure to explore the beautiful spots of Waiheke Island that are off the beaten track. The itinerary is based on our personal and in depth knowledge of the island and includes visits to wineries and walking tracks that you wouldn’t necessarily find on your own.

We take your group for a wine tasting experience at one of two great wineries renowned for their unique approach to wine and food pairing.
Next, it's a stunning, peaceful and inspiring guided walk through native bush, passing the Cascades stream and waterfall and out the other side to a second vineyard for another tasting!

Stop here and relax for lunch before heading back to Auckland.

PRICING: Activity, set meal, ferry tickets and transfers from $199.00 per person
LOCATION: Walk, vineyards and lunch are situated in Whakanewha regional park, approximately 15 minutes' drive from the ferry.
FERRIES: Ferries depart from downtown Auckland or Half Moon Bay from 6.00am to midnight
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Croquembouche Challenge Team Building
Anytime, anywhere
From $59.00 pp
Our most popular activity ever! We'll bring the Croquembouche Challenge to you at your office or a venue that you've booked yourselves.

Activity: Build a towering dessert in 30 minutes against the clock - inspired by Master Chef. It'll take team work, good communication and attention to detail and if you succeed you'll have a beautiful dessert to taste at the end.

SUITABILITY: Suits people of all ages and abilities and works well for small and large groups alike
PRICING: $59.00 per person for groups of between 10 and 100
LOCATION: This activity it totally mobile so we can bring it to wherever you are. At a venue you've booked or at your offices, we're there!
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The packages above are a range of our most popular off the shelf packages, combining ferry tickets, transfers, an activity and a set meal. We work with a range of high quality vineyards, restaurants and function spaces on Waiheke Island, bringing you the best quality, value and experiences around. As an island based business we're in the right place to advise you on what works best for groups, particularly at Christmas time when there are thousands of people visiting the island for an end of year event.

Prices vary considerably depending on the location, the size of your group, your preferred dining package and activity options but here is a guide to get you started:

Package prices in the table below are based on return ferry tickets, return transfers, $55.00 lunch or dinner with or without a Let Me Out activity.

Christmas Parties On Waiheke Island
10-30 people
31-50 people
51-80 people
81-120 people
Ferry, transfers, activity and lunch/dinner
Ferry, transfers and lunch/dinner (no activity)
Prices above are based on a $55.00 per person set menu
Menu upgrades are available for all packages
Packages apply to the following venues: Peacock Sky, Stonyridge, Cable Bay, Batch Winery.
Beverages are additional. Bookings are subject to availability.