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The Croquembouche Challenge
croquembouche tower
Imagine the chaos in the kitchen - the pastry chef has called in sick just as the chef is preparing the spread for your party.

There’s only one option and that is to pass on the ingredients and some direction to your teams and get them to work together to build their very own Croquembouche dessert.

All your team have to do is complete the challenge before the time is up in 30 minutes!

A great indoor activity for groups who want to work on their team building skills, have heaps of fun and test their dessert decorating skills! We can also do other challenging dishes.
Essential Info
Suits people of ages and ability. Can be adapted for people with special dietary requirements if required. Please ask.

Essentially an indoor activity but can be done outside if the weather permits.
10-20: $59.00 per person
21-30: $56.00 per person
31-40: $54.00 per person
41-50: $52.00 per person
51 or more: please enquire
This is a totally mobile activity which can be run at any location.

We can deliver it at your location or can run it at one of our partner venues.

Travel expenses may apply dependent on agreed location.
Here are some of our recommended partner venues where this activity works well:

Degree Gastro Bar
Birdcage, Victoria Park
LaValla, Tuakau

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