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Game Changer – Team Development Program
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Let Me Out is all about learning through activity. Classrooms are out. Play is in.

Our team development program is the natural progression of our team building activities, designed for companies who want to take it to another level and develop their staff into a cohesive and highly connected group. It covers all aspects of team behavior, communication, customer service (internal and external) and achieving high performance.

Every aspect of this course is about doing, connecting and understanding why changes make a difference. At the end of the 2 day program the group will have been challenged to do things differently and work together in new ways, take responsibility for their own changes and improvements.

They will have ongoing tasks and challenges to continue their development and be inspired to step up to a new level of productivity in the workplace.
Essential Info
This program is ideal for a team or company looking to improve on their team work and company culture. Program can be tailored for teams at different levels within the business.
Price is determined by number of people in the team, team level and location of training. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and for a no obligation quote.
Can be run throughout New Zealand on site or off site.

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