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Human Animation | Drone Challenge
pattern making
drone flying
Take the principals of film production and apply the latest drone filming technology to it and what you have is an amazing team challenge which gets everyone involved in creating an aerial video within a set time.

Unlike most challenges, the roles the team members play are not determined by us but by the group themselves. There are lots of key elements to incorporate into the challenge that require different personality types and by process of self selection or nomination everyone plays an important part in the final production. Fascinating to observe and amazing to see the final cut played back on a big screen at the end of the challenge time.
Essential Info
Suits people of all ages and abilities. Fantastic for letting a group discover something new about themselves as individuals and as team members.
20-50: $69.00 per person
51 or more: please enquire
This is a totally mobile activity which can be run at many locations.

Space needs to be outside, open and free from power poles and other aerial obstructions.

Travel expenses may apply depending on agreed location.
Here are some of our recommended partner venues where this activity works well:

Birdcage, Victoria Park
LaValla, Tuakau

Park spaces
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