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Nostalgia Games
warm up walking bull rush
giant kerplunk
Let's go back to the school yard, where fun was fun and kids were kids and the simplest things could make us play until the cows came home.

We've brought them all back - Bull Rush, big rope skipping, Elastics, Jacob's Ladder and two supersized games - Kerplunk and Human Scrabble.

Our professional crew of facilitators will get everyone playing, laughing and joining in, whatever their age or ability. The games are brilliant outdoors on a sunny day, at a park hear you. Or we can adapt them and do them all indoors.

Nostalgia + Simple Fun + Pro Facilitation = Amazing! Just ask the groups who've already done it.
A well organised, professional and enthusiastic team who gave us a team building experience that expertly adapted and catered for our unique team providing immense fun, laughter and enjoyment for all. Could not have had a better experience
Essential Info
Suits people of all ages and ability. There are some physical elements but not compulsory and plenty of team work elements to keep everyone involved.
10-50: $49.00 per person

51 or more: please enquire
This is a totally mobile activity which can be run at any location. Works really well outdoors at a park or estate lawn or indoors at a leisure centre gym.

We can deliver it at your location or can run it at one of our partner venues.

Travel expenses may apply.
Here are some of our recommended partner venues where this activity works well:

Birdcage, Victoria Park
LaValla, Tuakau

Public park or leisure centre
Passage Rock Vineyard
Batch Winery
The Venue, Onetangi Beach

Public park or beach

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