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Robotics Challenge
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robot arm
Science meets innovation in this amazing robotics challenge. Teams are given a set time to build their robot, test it, practice how to control it and send it on an obstacle run to collect items and bring them back to base before the clock runs down.

There are mini challenges within the challenge where the items to be collected have to be created and constructed to a suitable size and shape so that their robot can pick it up or move it efficiently.

And there is tactical team decision making at play as teams decide whether to focus on getting maximum points or sabotaging the oppositions efforts!!

Duration: 45 mins – 1.5 hours (flexible)

Activity includes all robot kits, facilitation and mini robot prizes for the winning team.
Essential Info
Suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Works well as an indoor activity.
15-50: $69.00 per person
51 or more: please enquire
This is a totally mobile activity which can be run at any location, including your office.

We can deliver it at your location or can run it at one of our partner venues.

Travel expenses may apply dependent on agreed location.
Here are some of our recommended partner venues where this activity works well:

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