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Create the ultimate team against team challenge this year with the Top Team Challenge at a stadium, park on estate near you. This is a multi activity, round robin style event with at least 6 stations of activity to participate in. Some are physical, some are not but along the way your group will get to face off against different teams as the itinerary is what we call spaghetti routes - teams go in different directions around the course meaning they always come up against teams they haven't faced before, creating new connections and competition at each station.

Activities are tailored to your group's preferences and needs and can include the likes of tug o'war, rugby punting challenge, Fling It! Challenge, Pocket shot or archery, giant kerplunk, kubb, gumboot throwing and lots more. We'll even custom design challenges to reflect your company purpose and make it specific and meaningful for your staff.
Essential Info
Suits people of all ages and ability. No experience necessary.

We'll tailor the event activities to meet the diversity in your teams.

Can be run for groups of 30 to 350 people at the right venue

Top Team Challenge
Prices vary according to the size of your group and activities required so please speak to us about ball park figures.

Works well at a stadium, park or large estate where there is lots of outdoor space to set up and move around.
Here are some of our partner venues where this activity would work well

Batch Winery
LaValla Estate
Alexandra Park
The Hunting Lodge
Any stadium
Wero White Water Rafting Centre

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