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The Ultimate Garden Games
Kubb at Batch
Giant Kerplunk
Everyone’s done giant jenga by now right? So it’s time to crank up the garden games to a whole new level! We bring you the Ultimate Garden Games. An array of old and new lawn games, challenges and activities which can be played in a casual environment or in a competitive round robin fashion with points and prizes to be won. Activities include:

Kubb (Viking Chess) – Test your skills in a Kubb Challenge playing an ancient game with a modern vibe. Kubb, also known as Viking Chess, involves throwing wooden batons at the wooden blocks (Kubbs), knock them all down and going for the King pin before your competitors to become the Viking Champions!

Gumboot Throwing – A New Zealand pastime, where indeed we have been crowned World Champions, and have a town that has dedicated itself to the sport. Will you hoof it with one arm, do a double swing under the legs and over the top or use a brand new technique in an attempt to break the World record!

Giant Kerplunk – Take it in turns to pull the sticks out of the cage but whatever you do, don’t let the balls drop! If they fall, they are yours and the more balls you have the more you lose!

Mega Connect Four – Play this table top game with larger than life pieces. The objective of the game is to be the first to form a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of four of one's own discs. Can you beat your opponent to the four, or will you end in a stale mate?

Garden Skittles – A traditional bowling game where the aim is to knock all the skittles down with as few attempts as possible! Simple, wooden fun.
Essential Info
Suits people of all ages an abilities. Use it as a casual activity set up during your social function and special event. Or crank it up into a competitive team challenge for your conference or end of year get together.
10-50: From $48.00 per person
50 + Please enquire for full details.
This is a totally mobile activity which can be run at many of our partner venues. Also works well at a park or lawn area near you.
Here are some of our recommended partner venues where this activity works well, in conjunction with a conference, lunch, dinner or special event:

LaValla, Tuakau
Birdcage, Victoria Park
Any park, croquet club or lawn area near you

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