Team Building Packages - Connectedness

This range of outdoor activities is suitable for people of all ages and abilities where the team accomplish a challenge together in an inspiring environment. The emphasis is on getting out of the office or conference space to spend quality time together and getting to know each other better.

Whilst the main element of these activities is to work on Connectedness, they also include elements of Trust, Communication, Understanding and Focus.

They can be booked alone or packaged with conference and dining options at one of our partner venues in Auckland, Waiheke, Wellington and across New Zealand.

Amazing Race Challenges

Amazing Race Challenges

These challenges are location specific, tailored for groups of all ages and abilities and 100% inclusive, encouraging all group members to accomplish something special at a pace and level to suit them.

Each challenge is custom designed to meet your companies needs on tried and tested routes in New Zealand's great outdoor spaces.

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Archery activity auckland


Archery is one of the original olympic sports and has its roots planted way back in ancient times. Our modern compound bows bring it into the 21st century for people of all sizes, ages and abilities. Our professional facilitators are experts at coaching you to hit the bullseye, in a safe and fun environment. We can travel just about anywhere with our archery equipment or you can come to one of our partner venues.

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Pocket Shot archery style activity

Pocket Shot

A modern twist on archery, target shooting with hand-held slingshots, shooting paintballs at targets, fire arrows and win points and prizes for your efforts.

Our facilitators leads your group through managing safety to ensure that all participants have fun in a safe and controlled environment.

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Ebike Tours

Ebike Adventures

Executive Time Out Ebike experience, away from the grind of goals and deadlines, designed for health and wellbeing, helping to relieve stress through exercise and provide freshness and inspiration.

Activities are personalised to each group with great care taken to ensure every aspect of the experience is at an executive level, from start to finish.

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Waiheke Guided walks

Guided Hike

Executive Time Out guided hike experience, Waiheke Island, with jaw dropping scenery, coastal and bush walks for all abilities. Tailored to a duration and level to suit your needs and helps relieve stress and rejuvenate.

Our local, passionate guides share their knowledge and experience of this special place. Executive level experience.

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Paddleboard lessons

SUP Adventures

Executive Time Out private SUP lessons/adventures with our ISA qualified instructor. These lessons on Waiheke Island are suitable for complete beginners or those who want to improve their skills and work on their fitness.

Helps reduce stress, improve wellbeing.Executive level experience.

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Human Foosball

Human Foosball

A game of tactics, communication, a little skill and plain old cheating! But be warned, step out of line and you'll be yellow carded by the rambunctious referee!

Perfect activity for 10 - 20 people. Or included as a station in a round robin of activities for large groups.

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