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Being worldclass is about attitude and belief. Getting to that stage needs courage, confidence and resilience and our workshops are all about creating a safe space for people to learn and grow into the best they can be through practice, suppport and inspiration.

Find the courage to overcome limitations
Purposefully Practice to improve skills fast
Visibly develop confidence
Feel empowered to perform at your best
Be inspired to make the changes that lead to better outcomes for you, your team and your business

Our fast paced world needs confident people to believe in themselves and adapt quickly. With a double international rugby players and world record breaker at the helm, your people are going to feel empowered to be the best they can be and have the confidence to succeed by the time they leave the room.

Let Me Out’s workshops are like 'Learning Bees' where knowledge, capability and confidence develops quickly. The sessions are built around PP - Purposeful Practice - the more you practice, the quicker you learn and the more confident you become. We use the knowledge in the room to encourage sharing and co-learning. We use the people in the room to create energy and support for each other so that they feel safe to step outside their comfort zone where learning and growth happens. It's an inspiring place to be.

Participants leave the workshop with a toolkit of processes and methodologies that they can practice regularly so that the learning and development never stops.

The workshop theme can be any problem that needs solving in your business or organisation. Our job is to delve deeply to identify the theme and need with you in advance, then tailor the workshop to up-skill and empower the participants to utilise their learning at work. Here are some popular workshops that we've been commission to run over recent years:

Workshop on how to ask

Theme: How To Ask

Designed with new and developing managers in mind, this interactive workshop starts with a mindful and purposeful walk to create connection and set the scene between participants. Along the way, the first questions are set, turning a casual stroll into a meaningful interaction, to spark rapport and demonstrate good asking practice.

The workshop follows with a series of short, sharp insights that lead to tasks and actions, breakout group practice and feedback.
Key elements:

The courage to ask
Best way to ask
Traits of customers and stakeholders
Handling pushback
The accidental ask
Setting personal ask goals

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Costs are based on number of participants, venue, catering and location.

Read the workshop case study here.

Team Development Workshops New Zealand

Theme: Innovation Nation

This workshop is designed to teach diverse teams how to brainstorm to develop ideas and solve problems in a hurry.

When there is no innovation department, everyone in the business or organisation can play a role in coming up with solutions and everyone is capable of contributing to the successful development and implementation of ideas, whether they think they are creative or not.

The secret lies in understanding the innovation process and working collaboratively through it to generate the best ideas your business has ever had.

Combining rules, behaviours, stimulus, insights, feedback and review in an easy to follow process, this workshop can be transformational.

Key elements:

Rules and behaviours of innovation
System and process
Defining the brief
Successful brainstorms
Iteration and development
Make it happen

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Costs are based on number of participants, venue, catering and location.

Customer Service Workshop

Theme: World Class Customer Service

Customer service is the foundation of all highly successful busisnesses. Get it right and your business will thrive with repeat business, brand loyalty and recommendations, significantly more profits and a happy, productive workforce.

Get it wrong and it will cost your business in higher marketing spend, time consuming trouble shooting, reduced profits and staff turnover.

Customer service is an ongoing commitment to training and development of your staff, new and established. In this workshop, we lift the lid on how to get it right over and over again, treading the tightrope of troubled ones and keeping customer service at the core of every interaction in your business or organisation.

Elements include:

Rules and behaviours
Make Their Day
Exceeding expectations
Empowering decision making
Managing conflict
Becoming a chameleon
The joy of service

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Costs are based on number of participants, venue, catering and location.

Team Building Workshop

Theme: Building A World Class Team

Whether it's business, sport or social, team building is the essence of all great teams.

Putting time and effort into your people to create trust, connection, better communication and understanding, a strong sense of identity and belonging will re-pay your organisation in abundance.

Consistency is the key to success and in this team building workshop we'll demonstrate and equip you with the skills, plans and structures that make team building with your group a fun and rewarding activity on a regular basis.

Elements include:

Defining Your Culture
Breaking The Ice
Authentic Engagement
Quick Wins
Living Vanues
Celebrating Success
Plans and Structures

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Costs are based on number of participants, venue, catering and location.


Mindfulness workshop for companies

About Del - Lead Facilitator

Founder and Director of Let Me Out Ltd, Del is a former double Wales international rugby player and world record breaker who was a Senior Leadership Team member for Rugby World Cup 2021, that smashed the world record for attendance at women's rugby international matches, with sell out crowds at Eden Park. She's a senior executive, entrepreneur, business advisor and mentor. Her career spans 30 years in leadership and training roles at some of the best organisations in the World. She is an innovation and workshop specialist, inspirational leader and key note speaker.

"Change and growth go hand in hand. Confident people are happy to change."

Contact me at anytime for an informal chat, no obligation. I'm happy to connect and share ideas to make a difference to your people and your business.

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Where are these sessions held? - These packages are run at beautiful, scenic venues and locations across New Zealand. Check out some of our partner venues here

Who are these sessions for? - These sessions are for staff of all levels and tailored to the range of people who attend.

How many people can attend? - These sessions are suitable for small groups of up to 20 people. There is no minimum number but the maximum would be approximately 20. If you have a larger group, please talk to us about packages that are suitable for them.

Can you run the workshops at our offices? - Yes we can. The workshops can be delivered at your office, head quarters or a venue that you have booked yourselves.

Can you run the workshops online? - Yes we can.

How much do these packages cost? - Each package is priced according to the location, package type and numbers in the group so please feel free to make an enquiry and we'll happily provide you with a detailed proposal and quote with no obligation to buy.