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Teamwork is the essence of how people work together to achieve goals every day they are together. You'd be forgiven for thinking that this should already be something that teams do well. And that would be the case except when things or people change in the group. When any single factor changes it is people's ability to adapt that makes team work easy and their inability to change that makes things difficult.

These challenges are designed to get people thinking and working together to achieve different goals, to learn more about themselves and each other through the process and in doing so, make life easier when things change.

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Challenge your teams to catapult a raw egg, as far as possible, using some basic equipment.

The team that catapults their egg the furthest will be the winners, except if their egg is cracked or broken!

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Team drawing challenge

Team Draw

Challenge your teams to copy a simple outline drawing onto a large piece of paper as a team.

There are some rules to be observed though - no touching the pen and have to work as a team.

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Thirty second advert

30 Second Ad

Can your teams create the ultimate 30 second ad for one of your products or services?

Team members will have to volunteer to take on new roles in order to achieve this challenge. Requires teamwork and adaptability.

More info coming soon!

human chair

Human Chair

Close contact challenge to get teams working together and developing trust by breaking down physical barriers.

Can work with any size group but best with a minimum of 8 people.

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big rope skipping

Big Rope Skipping

Simple, fun and nostalgic, bringing out the most basic of teamwork principals in the participants.

Works for groups of 5 or more and includes both active and passive roles to make it inclusive for all types of people.

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flip the tarp

Flip The Tarp

Challenge your teams to flip a tarpaulin or blanket over without losing contact with the tarp. Works well against the clock or against other teams and brings out qualities around teamwork and trust.

Equipment required - tarp pieces, blankets or towels

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rope challenge

Perfect Square

Take a team of at least 4 people and challenge them to create a perfect square with a length of rope while blindfolded

Encourages communication, trust and understanding between the group and helps to develop teamwork.

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free virtual ultra marathon team building challenge

Virtual Ultra Team Marathon

Challenge your teams to work together but completely virtually to walk, run or bike an ultra marathon distance together over the course of a few days.

Great for teamwork, motivation and connectedness.

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