Let Me Be Well - Wellbeing activities and workshops for companies, teams and individuals

Mental fatigue is, in part, a direct reflection of the pressures and stresses of our working environment. When you add in severe external disturbances like the recent global pandemic and the upheaval that had on our working lives, communities and life in general, the pressure is compounded and the outcome for both individuals and companies can be catastrophic unless we can balance the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy that makes us whole.

When you invest in your staff's mental fitness and wellbeing you are making a positive difference to them as individuals and to your business. Less stress means less time off work, more motivated and engaged staff, better decision making, better culture, less staff turnover and a healthier bottom line.

Below is a selection of activities and workshops developed specifically with company wellbeing in mind. Our highly experienced and qualified practitioners are standing by to help.

Mindfulness workshop for companies

Introducing Mindfulness for Teams

Imagine if a few tips and tricks, practiced often, could help you and your team to manage the rollercoaster ride of the stresses of work and life. Understanding how the mind works and learning how you can take practical steps to manage your mental health at work at throughout your life is what this workshop is all about. Led by Mel Burdett, professional, credentialed Life & Career Coach (ACC ICF), Mindfulness Practitioner, certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, Hormone Yoga Therapist (IYTA).

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The Laughter Walk

The Mindful Laughter Walk

This guided walk, developed by Mel and Del (professional coaches and great mates), for the Waiheke Walking Festival 2021 and is now offered across the country. It provides space and time for people to connect with each other and with nature on the inspiring island of Waiheke. The walk will not be about telling crude jokes or being laughed at, but about an whole-hearted experience of what laughter does to the body and mind - how laughter influences mood, confidence, creativity and a sense of connection.

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Ebike experience

Team Wellness Days

A half day ebike or walking experience to recharge the batteries and put some balance into your busy lives. Creating time and space to 'walk and talk' in nature brings about a vast range of mental and physical benefits. When you do this with your team you're developing a deeper connection and understanding, building trust and empathy and actively working on being a better team. These are easy activities, suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, fully facilitated and guided by our senior practitioners. We can includes a healthy, nutritious picnic lunch or arrange for your end point to be at a cafe, restaurant or bar. There will be time to reflect and learn about the benefits of activity for your health and wellbeing too.

These activity can take place in Auckland, Wellington or Waiheke Island and other regions by arrangement.

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Team Yoga Session

Team Yoga

Uplift your conference or corporate retreat with a calming, easy yoga practice under the professional guidance of Mel Burdett. Sessions will include two or three short vinyasas with mindfulness or breathing exercises in between. There's no better way to get prepared for a busy day ahead than with a clear head and relaxed body and through the session your team will learn the relevance of switching between high intensity activity and restfulness. These sessions can be delivered anywhere at a venue of your choice, by arrangement.

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Where are these sessions held? - These packages are run at beautiful, scenic locations in the Auckland region, Wellington, Waiheke Island and other regions by arrangement.

Who are these sessions for? - These sessions are for staff of all levels from companies and organisations.

How many people can attend? - These sessions are suitable for small groups of up to 20 people. There is no minimum number but the maximum would be approximately 20. If you have a larger group, please talk to us about packages that are suitable for them.

Can you run the workshops at our offices? - Yes we can. The workshops can be delivered at your office, head quarters or a venue that you have booked yourselves.

Can you run the workshops online? - Yes we can. All the elements, apart from the outdoor activities, can be run as online webinars and workshops. This includes the yoga and mindfulness sessions.

How much do these packages cost? - Each package is priced according to the location, package type and numbers in the group so please feel free to make an enquiry and we'll happily provide you with a detailed proposal and quote with no obligation to buy.

Do you run these sessions for individuals? - Yes, we run similar retreats, workshops and sessions for individuals. Please contact us for an information and we can point you in the right direction.