Team Building Packages - Teamwork

These challenges and activities are designed to get your teams working together to solve problems. They are multi-dimensional challenges, normally against the clock.

Whilst the main element of these activities is to work on Teamwork, they also include elements of Trust, Communication, Understanding and Focus.

They can be booked alone or packaged with conference and dining options at one of our partner venues in Auckland, Waiheke, Wellington and across New Zealand 

Planks Team Building

The Mighty Planks Challenge

The ski plank challenge is a classic team building activity, evolved into a series of interconnected challenges, all to do with planks. Each stage gets you closer to the treasure and reward.

The activities tap into a variety of skills including leadership styles to logic and creativity. SEE IT IN ACTION

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Nostalgia Games for Team Building

Nostalgia Games

Nostalgia is scientifically proven to help improve mood, increase social connectedness and enhance your sense of regard for others. It's also known to stimulate creativity as well as team conversation and connection. There are roles for active and passive participants in all the games and team members are encouraged to take part at a level that suits them. SEE IT IN ACTION

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Amazing Race challenge

Quizzi Do

This Amazing Race inspired challenges combine a quiz with mini team challenges on a route around the venue grounds. Teams look for clues and completea variety of tasks and challenges. The challenge is designed uniquely for the venue you choose and branded for your company with a quiz round about your business. We also offer Amazing Races in towns and cities.

Book the activity only or an activity and dining package.

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Fling It Challenges

Fling It Darling!

A veritable variety of things to fling that allows your team to bond together at a venue or public space. But there’s more to these challenges, as they are not what they might first seem. None of them are possible without clear communication and teamwork. The most united teams will come out on top.

Let Me Out provides the equipment, professional facilitationand and carnival atmosphere so enjoy!

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Auckland Bike Challenge

Auckland E-bike Amazing Race

The Amazing Race on e-bikes! With the latest power assist e-bikes you don’t have to be super fit for this one! The hills will feel like a breeze and you'll be cycling along Auckland's brand new cycle trails and along the Auckland waterfront.

This ‘eco-friendly’ challenge is competitive, entertaining and inspires teams in the great outdoors. Includes cycling, mini checkpoints, general knowledge, history and a bit of kiwi DIY!

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