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Trust within teams and throughout the company or organisation can be one of the most effective values to help everyone achieve common goals. But developing trust is often a long process and takes time. By doing something about it on a regular basis you'll start seeing the benefit. You just have to keep working on it. Use these short challenges to help improve trust.

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Human Chair


Catch, support and falling challenges are essential activities to help develop trust. Run them with pairs or groups. Work well as a progression of mini challenges from easy to hard.

No equipment required

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trust me with your money

How Much Trust?$

A teaser challenge to get groups discussing how much they really trust each other when the stakes are increased.

Facilitator led exercise followed by discussion.

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mouse trap

Mouse Trap

Team challenge against the clock or against other teams to lead a blindfolded person through a course of mouse traps without any personal contact.

You'll need to source some mouse traps!

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flip the tarp

Flip The Tarp

Challenge your teams to flip a tarpaulin or blanket over without losing contact with the tarp. Works well against the clock or against other teams

Equipment required - tarp pieces, blankets or towels

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human chair

Human Chair

Close contact challenge to get teams working together and developing trust by breaking down physical barriers.

Can work with any size group but best with a minimum of 8 people.

No equipment required.

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ring the bell

Ring The Bell

An online challenge to develop trust and understanding between people when you can't physically get together.

Works best if you brief participants to have a blindfold or bandana to hand which they can use when you set the challenge on the day

More info coming soon!

human bench seat

Human Bench

A close up and personal challenge for groups of 5 or more.

You'll need four volunteers to make up the human bench and at least one other to help. Works well combined with other close contact challenges to break down barriers and build trust.

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Challenge 8

More challenges coming soon!